ad infinitum

From my room at the Ritz.

Recently came back from the really nice Ritz-Carlton Pudong. Though very short, this is one of, or simply the best stay I had in mainland China. It is quite unsual to visit a local hotel and there weren’t any glaring flaws – but now this has been one of those unusual occassions. It is not that things couldn’t have been done better (e.g. food services), but it certainly appears they have made an effort to nail done every detail. Staffs were friendly and eager to please, sometimes a bit over the top.

There was a pleasant surprise of three pieces of chocolate bonbons waiting in the room when I arrived; these are of actually good quality and they probably made at the hotel because palatable chocolate (and ice-cream) is a extreme rarity here — I had thought they went the way of dinosaurs.

I had hoped to get more of those choclate at turn-down that evening, though instead they placed a bag of Oolong tea at my bedside. Hmm, really, why? Are we expected to drink tea to sleep?